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Navigating Large-Scale Application Management with Portfolio Models & Timeline Roadmaps (Webinar)

Managing the application portfolio at Suncorp, one of Australia’s largest financial services institutions, provides a strong and efficient foundation for the business.

The insurance giant’s enterprise architecture team employs ServiceNow syncing with ABACUS’ centralized repository, to maintain an accurate representation of current state and future lifecycle events. Leveraging ABACUS has facilitated work towards automating the production of target state roadmaps.

Digital Roadmapping & Digital Modeling in the 2020s

Learn how to leverage data with platform integrations and collaborative data ownership; the different types of frameworks and standards; and how to tailor a framework to your organization.

Explore the fundamental elements of a roadmap and the four different types – Recommendations & Heatmaps, Lifecycles & Gantt Charts, Work Packages & Interdependencies; Multiple Architectures.

Setting Winning Enterprise Architecture Strategies Using Algorithms (Webinar)

Algorithms are everywhere, from online banking to social media. They provide a powerful way to analyze data and predict patterns. They also help busy professionals maintain and control data and avoid time-consuming manual inputs and calculations.

The algorithms and machine learning functionality in ABACUS is underpinned by a tailored repository and highly configurable graph database.

Roadmapping with Capability Models (Webinar)

Business Capability Models are key tools for roadmapping towards maturity and competitive advantage. This presentation demonstrates how to map current capabilities and build a roadmap for capability optimization.

This webinar covers: using algorithms to generate capabilities; generating capability maturity lifecycles from supporting business and IT components; planning a target state; and comparing target and current state capabilities.

Dashboard Masterclass: How to Communicate When the Stopwatch is Ticking (Webinar)

Gain your seat at the table and fast track key Enterprise Architecture messages with business-friendly dashboards. How do you persuade, gain buy-in and sign off from time-poor stakeholders? Or communicate and collaborate on large amounts of data across your enterprise? Effective data visualizations can help simplify complex data and allow your colleagues to quickly focus and provide feedback when it matters most.

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