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Six Step Action Plan for GDPR modeling and compliance
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If you’re already grappling with compliance with the new EU General Data
Protection Regulation (GDPR) coming into force in 2018, then you’re ahead of the
curve. If you haven’t started yet, it’s reassuring to know that enterprise architects are in a strong position to use existing data to support an EU privacy regulatory affairs strategy for GDPR compliance.





Quick Guide to Enterprise Architecture Tool Selection
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Discover the key criteria which industry experts use to differentiate between the enterprise architecture, IT strategy and innovation management tools on offer.






How to build an Enterprise Architecture Roadmap
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Here we run through what a best-practice roadmapping approach looks like, and provide a structure to set your course.

Architect-Overview---whitepaper.jpgArchitectural Overview

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Our aim with ABACUS is to provide a tool which streamlines data management, analytics and visualization. How does it do this? Here, we walk you through the tool features and explain how they can work in your practice.



APM-Whitepaper.jpgApplication Portolio Management
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APM practitioners need strategies to tackle ever expanding portfolios of new and legacy applications. As a tool which captures and models both IT and business data, ABACUS provides a ready-to-go solution for business-focused APM.



BPM-Whitepaper.jpgBusiness Process Management
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Business Process Management (BPM) is one of the most popular methods for retaining business viability in a competitive market. ABACUS supports practitioners in managing the complexities of BPM, helping the business to hit its goals.



EAM-Whitepaper.jpgABACUS Enterprise Architecture Methodology
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7 steps to architecture success - Defining a methodology is one of the most important steps in establishing a successful enterprise architecture program. This paper goes through the seven steps that form Avolution’s recommended practice.



Ea-Charts-whitepaper.jpgHow to select the best enterprise architecture charts & diagrams
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Top enterprise architects need to deliver accurate, relevant and contextual information which is easily understood at a glance. Here, we explore your options for creating the essential charts and diagrams for enterprise architecture reporting, as well as advanced custom charts and visualizations.




EPM.jpgEnterprise Portfolio Management
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Through its powerful capabilities as a structural modeling tool, ABACUS provides a ready-to-go solution for EPM practitioners to measure, value and prioritise investments across all classes of business and IT asset.



Whitepaper-Algorithms-resource-center.jpgIntelligence on demand: The Power of enterprise architecture algorithms
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Enterprise Architecture teams are uniquely placed to take advantage of the boom in algorithms. In their repositories they have an asset capable of describing the end-to-end structure -- or “graph” -- of their business and IT operations. Powerful graph-based architectural algorithms can be used to manage complexity and uncertainty and to drive confident action.



ITSM.jpgIT Service Management
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From managing the compliance of your organization with ITSM, to supporting ITSM-based processes as activities, you can count on ABACUS.



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