Enterprise Architecture and Digital Innovation Case Studies
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Reliance.pngEBOS: A Healthy Digital Business 
Healthcare, Pharaceceuticals, Medical, Animal Care - Click here to download case study

Objective: Increase business agility and establish a sustainable support model for the group’s core business systems. Reduce the number of ERP systems from 10 to 2 over the medium term.

Solution: Develop a solid baseline of knowledge within ABACUS to manage the evolution of the organization and the introduction of new Systems as well as the consolidation and retirement of existing systems.


Reliance Industries: Engineering a digital empire 
Conglomerate - Click here to download case study

Objective: Manage and transform a massive IT landscape comprising 3000+ processes and 1500+ applications spread over 10,000+ servers.

Solution: Reliance Industries is India's largest private sector business enterprise and amongst the Fortune 500 companies. It’s businesses span 4G Digital Services, organised retail, and energy and petrochemical products. RIL has adopted a tailored TOGAF metamodel, and is using ABACUS to co-ordinate its architecture and IT management.


Jackson Life Insurance Company: cutting technical debt quickly
Financial Services (Insurance) - Click here to download case study

Objective: Tackle technical debt across 200+ systems. Calculate costs and risks associated with complex application code, outages, security breaches and unsupported software.

Solution: Over a period of only 6 months the team centralized technology and application data in ABACUS and ran cost and risk algorithms on their enterprise architecture models. By managing the risks associated with technical debt and legacy systems strategically, they quickly identified hard dollar savings and ways to improve IT capacity and efficiency.


Nationwide.pngNationwide: strategic management of IT and innovation in financial services
Financial Services (Insurance) - Click here to download case study

Objective: Model, understand and optimize the current business and IT environments and how they serve the needs of Nationwide customers. Model target architectures and implementation roadmaps that will best serve the needs of Nationwide tomorrow.

Solution: Business units model systems and processes in ABACUS. This allows the team to provide solution recommendations and produce architectural artifacts to communicate with stakeholders and executives.

Arup.pngARUP: Engineering world class smart cities: IT, infrastructure and IoT
Multinational engineering firm - Click here to download case study

Objective: Establish a single source of truth which brings clarity to the multiple IT systems, design teams, contractors and procurement in modern construction projects, now heavily reliant on technology and IT.

Solution: Arup are using ABACUS to deliver complex infrastructure projects – airports, major sporting venues and world-class smart cities projects. This includes managing interconnected systems on a multibillion dollar smart city project in Qatar and planning of a new baggage handling system for a major airport operator.


CSC.pngCSC: Documenting and roadmapping cloud-based services
Multinational corporation providing IT and professional services - Click here to download case study

Objective: Architect a global services business

Solution: CSC is using ABACUS to document and plan cloud-based services. Architects across four continents can access data centralized in ABACUS to document workflows, store technical data, manage projects and run impact analysis. They can quickly build technical roadmaps, release management roadmaps, strategic roadmaps and innovation roadmaps.


Nordstorm.jpgNordstrom: Enterprise architecture for a fast-moving retail business
US Chain of Deparment Stores -
Click here to download case study

Objective: Create a robust business and IT infrastructure for a fast-moving business

Solution: Nordstrom used ABACUS to draw together existing models and data to manage risk and put together enterprise roadmaps. Their extensive business and IT infrastructure included systems for Finance, Administration, CRM, Manufacturing, Merchandise Inventory, Sales and Supply Chain. They were able to document links between applications, servers, departments, capabilities and initiatives to carry out impact- and trade-off analysis.


MITA.jpgEnterprise roadmaps, planning and execution for healthcare providers
US Healthcare Services (State Medicaid Enterprise US) - Click here to download case study

Objective:  Support State Medicaid Agencies with State Self Assessment (SS-A) and enterprise improvement, planning and execution

Solution: By leveraging the Medicaid Information Technology Architecture (MITA) framework available in ABACUS agencies are able to streamline State Self Assessment. They can also put together roadmaps and project plans. Then use this repository for day-to-day enterprise management and for automation of State Self-Assessment.


LU.pngLondon Underground: Application portfolio management and roadmapping
US public rapid transit system - Click here to download case study

Objective: Guide the (re)integration of former Metronet Rail and London Underground.

Solution: Use Business Process Management (BPM), Application Portfolio Management (APM), Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and roadmapping techniques to guide integration of two organizations. The team centralized data and set out a roadmap to achieve cost-control, performance, reliability and strategic alignment.



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