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With ABACUS Report Builder you can design engaging documentation to share your results. Build MS Office-optimized reports. Configure your ABACUS repository content with drag-and-drops and easy-to-use wizards. Set up your reports with company branding and graphics.  Export these reports to PDF, MS Word and MS Excel formats.


develop detailed analytical results with ABACUS report builder

Using an advanced, dynamic query builder, ABACUS Report Builder enables repository content to be freely configured through simple drag-and-drops or with easy-to-use wizards. Reports can include custom imagery and graphics as well as detailing any components, connections or attributes from an ABACUS repository, and then be exported to PDF, MS Word and MS Excel formats.

Reports can contain diagrams, charts, pivot tables, maps, gauges, sparklines, data bars, as well as graphical aids such as traffic-lights indicators, thereby enabling graphical representation of IT lifecycles, portfolios and roadmaps etc. Detailed analytic results from ABACUS’ simulations, such as TCO, Performance and Reliability, can also be included.

ABACUS Report Builder is provided as an add-on module to ABACUS® Architect clients and reports can be automatically generated with a server-side utility.

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