Portfolio Manager

ABACUS Portfolio Manager is a low-cost module which can be used widely within your organization or by external providers and consultants to speed data collection and keep repository data current. Users enter and edit data easily via automatically configured forms, tables, catalogs and lists. This can be done with either a simple Microsoft .Net application or an MS SharePoint plugin. This data is then accessible within all other ABACUS modules.


ABACUS Portfolio Manager editing inventories linked to ABACUS Server

Affordably priced, ABACUS Portfolio Manager enables federated data collection by a broad user group. Contributors and consultants outside the core modeling team can use Portfolio Manager to manage and maintain your repository via customized forms, tables and lists.

Automatically configured to the organization's meta-model, Portfolio Manager can be deployed to all personnel responsible for the up-keep of asset registries, catalogs and lists as either a Microsoft .Net application or pre-configured Microsoft SharePoint sites.

Portfolio Manager helps to automate and speed the data collection and maintenance processes, and integrate accurate data with the core IT management practices through the use of workflows (e.g. pending, approved, rejected) and alerts (i.e. email and SMS).

ABACUS Portfolio Manager is available either on-premise or as a hosted service in the cloud.

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