ABACUS Intelligence provides your key people with access to real-time data via the cloud. Business and IT decision makers can tap into up-to-date information on corporate resources whenever it’s needed. ABACUS Intelligence links directly to your repository, allowing you to perform queries and analytics via your browser. Dynamic views of architecture models can be displayed on PC’s, tablets and smart phones.


interactive business intelligence reports available across desktop tablet and mobile

ABACUS enables self-service enterprise architecture intelligence. Architects can assemble bespoke dashboards to present set viewpoints of their architecture models plus outputs from algorithms and simulations. Deliver query results live from your repository as charts, diagrams, 3D views, matrices and catalogues.

Information can be tailored for a variety of stakeholders and users, and presented using pre-configured dashboards.

In ABACUS Intelligence, dashboards are made available to user communities via their web browser, enhanced with a rich HTML5 user experience. Dashboards are assembled from dock-able and navigable ‘portlets’. These can be re-ordered and re-sized as needed. Each portlet delivers query-based results directly from the ABACUS repository. Users benefit from instant and dynamic access to repository data, accessing it through their device of choice.

ABACUS Intelligence is available either on-premise or as a hosted service in the cloud.

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