Collaboration Server

The ABACUS® Collaboration Server provides the ability for any number of users to concurrently collaborate on any number of shared repositories or 'enterprise graphs'. Built on top of a modern and freely available Concurrent Versioning System (CVS) approach (i.e. Subversion), ABACUS® Collaboration Server allows for truly distributed collaboration and avoids the 'lock-and-block' and 'live-connect' issues typical of other RDBMS solutions. With any multi-user deployment including ABACUS® Collaboration Server, named administrators are given the ability to set fine-grained Create, Read, Update, Delete (CRUD) permissions for users and groups.


Collaborate freely with ABACUS enterprise server

ABACUS Collaboration Server is designed to support teams who collaborate on shared projects across multiple geographies and time-zones. It scales to support thousands of geographically distributed users working day-to-day on a shared repository. It allows teams to avoid time-consuming and irritating 'lock-and-block' and 'live connect' issues.

Practitioners can access and edit content on the road and offline. Users only need to connect to the enterprise server to synchronize their local copy with the server repository (resolving any conflicts as they occur). Users don't need to remain connected to the server. This functionality also minimizes network traffic.

No physical or performance limitations restrict the number of user clients that can work collaboratively with ABACUS.

As required with any multi-user platform deployment, named organisation administrators have the ability to set fine-grained, role-based Create-Read-Update-Delete (CRUD) permissions at the object, view, attribute and architecture level including role generation, authorization, and user provisioning.

Permissions are defined at the role or group level, as opposed to the individual user level, so that while membership of the groups may change, the permissions can remain fixed.

ABACUS Collaboration Server is available either on-premise or as a hosted service in the cloud.

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