Truly cloud-based Enterprise Architecture. No installs. Login and start today.

ABACUS Cloud provides a purely browser-based experience. It's not just cloud-based servers. It's not just a cloud-based repository. Bypass installation headaches and enjoy complete access to every feature of ABACUS through your browser. Get on with modeling and transforming your enterprise.


  • Use our cloud-based SaaS enterprise architecture tool to provide the right information to the right people at the right time
  • Model using your favourite notations - including TOGAF, ArchiMate and BPMN - in your browser
  • Zero client install and configuration. Compatible with any HTML5 browser
  • Design metamodels, run analytics, plan your enterprise roadmaps - in your browser

ABACUS Cloud provides a high performance HTML5 web app for enterprise architects and other practitioners. Users can enjoy completely secure access to ABACUS from any device. Simply login to your ABACUS Cloud workspace and start diagraming and roadmapping. Collaborate seamlessly with your colleagues across time-zones and locations. No need to install any extensions or to configure your device. ABACUS Cloud is OS agnostic and works on Windows, Linux, Mac OSX, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry and any HTML5 compatible browser.

A powerful browser-based experience


ABACUS Cloud is powered by the WAVE (Web-based Application Virtualization Environment) technology. WAVE leverages server-side processing power, liberating IT from hardware refreshes and application upgrades. This reduces costs and provides a superior user experience. Users work in the ABACUS Cloud HTML5 browser-based environment, interacting with their own dedicated or multi-tenanted WAVE server. This server instantaneously implements updates in the browser.


Icon_Modeler2.jpgABACUS Cloud Architect

Market-leading modeling functionality in our web app deployment.

ABACUS Cloud Architect supports best-practice enterprise architecture, strategy and digital transformation. It integrates with Excel, Visio, SharePoint etc. Standard frameworks are included free of charge.

Icon_Designer.jpgABACUS Cloud Designer

Includes all the functionality of ABACUS Architect, plus Designer in our web app deployment.

ABACUS Cloud Designer gives you the ability to develop or tailor metamodels and templates. Use this module to customize workspaces, and set role-based access.

Cloud Intelligence

Our self-service intelligence portal allows you to perform queries via your browser and deliver analysis using rich visuals.

Dynamic views of architectural models and dashboards can be displayed on PCs, tablets and smartphones via our mobile optimized web app.

Enterprise-CMYK.pngABACUS Cloud

Allows global teams to collaborate on a shared repository. Plus run analytics and algorithms and produce charts and visualizations using ABACUS Simulator and Report Builder.

Automatically detect & resolve conflicts, view detailed audit trails and set role-based permissions.

Publisher-CMYK.pngABACUS Cloud Publisher

Lightweight browser-based viewing and navigation of diagrams and visualizations for architecture teams.

Publish entire architectures or just snippets and enable any stakeholder to search content and provide referenced feedback.

Adapators.pngABACUS Cloud Adapters

Manage data in various external lists such as Microsoft SharePoint® and Google Sheets and sync with ABACUS Cloud.

Leverage current data from ServiceNow and BDNA Technopedia to ensure models are accurate and up-to-date.




The leading enterprise modeling tool in the cloud

ABACUS is ranked by analysts, architects and IT strategists as a leading tool for modeling and analytics. ABACUS Cloud users can access all of the tool's features within the browser-based environment. We provide a completely secure environment with SSL encryption and authentication.


Built for Enterprise Architects...

We believe that EAs are the most important part of transforming every company. That’s why a complete and flexible experience has always been at the core of what we do. Avolution understands what adds value to EA and what gets in the way. We developed ABACUS so you can choose the methods and frameworks that work for your enterprise so you can deliver insights and value quickly.

three_man_icon Enterprise Architects...

Developed by a worldwide team of Enterprise Architects with 25+ years experience and world leading research from UTS. ABACUS is quite simply the most flexible, cost-effective, feature-rich and easy-to-use I.T. strategy, planning and enterprise modeling tool on the market today. The ABACUS suite can be curated for business, solution and information architects, according to their requirements.

results graph icon deliver results.

ABACUS Cloud is designed so you can focus on what matters the most: transforming your enterprise. Modeling architectures, analyzing the results, and developing business-responsive strategies is what can make or break enterprises. ABACUS Cloud lets companies embrace the value of EA, not the hassle of hardware, nor the distraction of servers. Deliver relevant and complete information to stakeholders across the organization.


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