Feature Comparison Table for Enterprise Architecture Tool Selection

Whether you're working through a tool RFP or RFQ or familiarizing yourself with enterprise architecture tools, the table below is designed to provide a useful summary and guide. It gives an overview of some of the main features available in each module of leading IT management and modeling tool, ABACUS.

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ABACUS-Architect-iconArchitect ABACUS-Portfolio-Manager-iconPortfolio Manager ABACUS-Designer-iconDesigner ABACUS-Simulator-iconSimulator ABACUS-Enterprise-iconCollaboration Server ABACUS-Publisher-iconPublisher ABACUS-Intelligence-iconIntelligence ABACUS-Report-Builder-iconReport Builder
Create projects from over 100 frameworks incl TOGAF 9.x, ArchiMate 3.x and BPMN 2.x
Model multiple architectures through diagrams, charts, matrices and dashboards
Run impact analysis, create heatmaps and roadmaps, validate/ensure data quality,and many more analysis techniques
Manage portfolios through catalogues / lists and roundtrip them with Excel
Use drag and drop functionality to create new hybrid frameworks
Modify existing metamodels with new types, attributes, standards and notations
Analyze architectures using algorithms and simulations incl: Cost, Complexity, Reliablility and Performance
Use and create automated server-side simulations for immediate analysis of changes
Collaborate on a shared repository across multiple locations with user roles, CRUD permissions and Active Directory (AD) integration
Detect and resolve user conflicts against the shared repository
View full audit trails of repository changes
Publish full models to a secure website via HTML and gather feedback from stakeholders
Create and access business intelligence dashboards through any HTML5 browser on desktop, tablet or mobile.
Query Dynamic Treemaps, Chord diagrams, Sunbursts and other visualizations
Design rich reports with graphics, visualizations, and more
Export reports to Word, PDF and Excel
  • Create projects from over 100 frameworks
  • Modeling and analysis through diagrams, charts, matrices and more
  • Export and import via Microsoft Office, 3rd party tools and  many other formats 
Adapator-Icon-2.pngAdapters & Integrations
  • Exchange data with SharePoint, Google Sheets and other data sources
  • Leverage current data from ServiceNow and BDNA Technopedia to ensure models are accurate and up-to-date 
Report-Builder-RGB-no-bg.pngReport Builder
  • Design reports for a range of stakeholders
  • Graphical representations of roadmaps, IT lifecycles and portfolios
  • Export to Word, PDF and Excel or periodically distribute auto generated reports 
  • Drag and drop functionality to design new or hybrid frameworks
  • Modify existing frameworks with new standards, types and templates 
  • Algorithms to evaluate business change and analysis of risk, security, maturity and more
  • Metric based simulations incl. cost, complexity, performance and availability 
  • Publish entire models to secure website via HTML
  • Collect direct feedback with reference to specific areas of published model
Data-Editor-RGB-no-bg.pngPortfolio Manager
  • Low cost solution
  • Federated data collection for users outside the core team
Collaboration Server
  • Collaboration between multiple teams on a shared repository
  • Easily manage and resolve conflicts
  • Complete and live audit trial of changes
  • Business intelligence dashboard through HTML5
  • Supported across PC's, tablets and mobile devices
  • Generate dynamic visualizations

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