Towards 2020: How ABACUS 6.0 Supports Your Enterprise Architecture (demo)

16th January 2019

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Enterprise Architecture is undergoing its own transformation. As we rapidly approach 2020 business leaders are requiring greater oversight, better analysis, and more timely information. Helping guide organizations forward and navigating changes in emerging technology, governance, and business-driven value will be the hallmark of EA in the coming year.

In this 45-minute webinar, Manisha Sunnasy, who has worked with leading banking, government, and consumer brands, will discuss how the latest features in ABACUS can be leveraged to place your Enterprise Architecture at the heart of your organization. The demonstration will show the use of ABACUS in techniques including digital portfolio management, tracing connections and attributions, gap identification across solutions and architectures, and building algorithms visually to analyze impactful decisions now and into 2020. There will also be a 15-minute Q&A session at the end of the webinar.

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Wednesday 16th January 2019 10:00 am GMT | 11:00 am CET | 12:00pm SAST | 2:00 pm GST

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