TBM 3rd Annual Enterprise Architecture for Financial Institutions

28th May 2020

3rd Annual Global Forum Enterprise Architecture for Financial Institutions
Online Interactive Conference

28-29 May 2020

The IT framework of financial institutions is constantly evolving, especially in growing enterprises.

The main causes of this transformation are new developing technologies, increased business activities, new markets and regulatory demand. This conference offers you a unique opportunity to exchange ideas and perspectives with Enterprise Architecture experts from the financial industry to discuss a broad range of current topics within the critical areas of EA.

Avolution are proud sponsors of this event and will present a session, “Using Scenario Analysis to Manage Risk in Financial Services EA.”

This presentation will cover:

  • Identifying and prioritizing risks, including technical debt and security risk
  • Integration approaches and APIs to ensure data is current
  • Scenario Analysis techniques
  • Application and Technology Rationalization
  • Identifying dependencies between processes and technologies
  • Approaches to consider when presenting scenarios: useful KPIs, interactive Gantt charts, and a range of other charts and diagrams

Other topics include:Ā 

  • Agile and collaborative Enterprise Architecture
  • Aligning Enterprise Architecture with business goals
  • Digital transformation
  • The role of EA in a Big Data environment
  • API and Open banking
  • Enterprise Architecture at scale
  • Compliance to developing regulation
  • Flexible IT framework
  • Customer expectations driving change
  • System integration and modernization