Digital Architecture Design Day 2022 | Amsterfoort

6th October 2022

Avolution are proud Gold sponsors of the upcoming Digital Architecture Design Day (DADD) based in Amsterfoort.

The strong advance of digitization means that the demand for sustainable solutions, the human touch and vulnerabilities are high on the agenda. To develop this core competence and make architecture a success, a clear vision of the broad approach and effects of digitization helps. Join us at the DADD 2022 where keynotes focus towards a vision of the future and needs are set out from practice. The parallel tracks provide answers to the required architecture approach and content for a successful transition.

Avolution’s Andrew Lewthwaite will also be presenting during the conference:

Managing Technical Debt: Case Studies from Enterprise Architects

Technical debt is probably costing your organisation more than they think – and it’s payback time. A recent survey found an average of 25% of the overall development time is dedicated to juggling technical debt. For Enterprise Architects, it’s an opportunity to secure big budget savings and protect brand and reputation.

We will find data-driven answers to key questions such as; “What is technical debt costing us in monetary terms?” and “What is the impact of Technical Debt on our team and how do we measure this?” using case studies from EAs at leading organisations across many verticals.

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