Understanding Application Management & Ratings (Financial Services Case Study)

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Man Group are an active investment firm managing over $100bn globally. They have consolidated five investment management businesses, and need to stay on top of Risk, Rationalisation and Regulation in a highly competitive business.

Their EA team have brought DevOps experience and a rigorous business logic to their enterprise architecture.

Senior Technical Architect James Bashford  has covered their achievements in application management.1

“At Man Group our core business model relies on our ability to take all manner of data and model them to find opportunities in financial markets and beyond,” writes Bashford.

“Using ABACUS to support this model, we are gleaning new insights into what is important to technical and managerial stakeholders alike.

“Those insights can be calibrated to suit the scenario under consideration, then drive decision making. Furthermore, we have the flexibility to pivot as priorities, regulation and times change.”

In summary:

  • The Man Group team needed to better understand their application landscape and have a quantitative way of defining what is important and to whom
  • They aimed to ensure that all critical applications across the company are correctly certified on a periodic basis, with applications prioritised by criticality
  • They also need this to comply with upcoming regulation regarding proof of Operational Resilience
  • After defining and modelling 3 dimensions of interest (Recovery Tier, Data Classification Types, High Risk Activities), they used algorithms in ABACUS to combine these into criticality score
  • The benefits of this approach is that, once underlying data is gathered, if priorities change, the team can simply change the weightings or the calculation with ease. It’s also straightforward to expand the model to have different weightings or calculations for different stakeholders. No need to re-gather information.
  • They also talk about their information gathering approach which includes crowdsourcing and using the ABACUS API to direct data into ABACUS

Man Group also presented at the Digital Enterprise Architecture Summit 2020, you can view their talk on Real-Time Enterprise Architecture on the Avolution YouTube channel.


1Understanding your application landscape and what’s important to your organisation”

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