SmartPro Solusi to work with Avolution and ABACUS to support Enterprise Architects in Indonesia

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Jakarta-based SmartPro Solusi Asia will become a partner for Avolution’s ABACUS software, used across large enterprises globally to streamline enterprise architecture, IT strategy and digital transformation.

Smartpro Solusi Asia (Smartpro) is a Jakarta Indonesia based ICT consulting company which focuses on helping clients bring information technology in line with their goals and objectives.

Since 2013, SmartPro has helped many companies and organizations with their Enterprise Architecture, IT strategic plan, business process management and IT governance.

They will work with ABACUS to support enterprise architecture teams across Indonesia.

ABACUS is used by organizations worldwide to deliver quick, powerful digital business strategy, and is recognized as a leading enterprise architecture tool by industry analysts.

ABACUS supports data-driven architecture and also provides fully integrated diagramming and modeling functionality. Its cloud-based collaborative data management environment allows users in a variety of locations to easily maintain central portfolios of assets, technologies, infrastructure, processes and projects. These can be modeled and analyzed to automatically generate metrics, roadmaps and interactive data visualizations, tailored for a range of technical and business users.

ABACUS ships complete with popular frameworks including government frameworks such as FEAF and architecture and business standards including TOGAF, ArchiMate, COBIT 5, BIAN, BPMN, Business Model Canvas, PESTLE , ITIL etc.

Practitioners can also configure, adapt or combine frameworks and metamodels to their organization requirements using “drag-and-drop” commands. No advanced database administrator skills are required and this can be done at any time during or after deployment.

ABACUS is available for a range of deployment models, including:

  • as a fully cloud-based SaaS web-app with centralized cloud-base repository
  • as a fully on-premise solution for government and high-security environments
  • hybrid options

SmartPro will be an authorized reseller for ABACUS.

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Avolution’s ABACUS is used by organizations worldwide to deliver quick, powerful enterprise architecture and digital business strategy. ABACUS helps architects to lighten their data workload and to motivate stakeholders to set priorities and take action. Integrate and collaborate on data with editable cloud-based lists, build models and roadmaps, run analytics, algorithms and report with rich visuals and dashboards. With offices worldwide, including Asia Pacific bases in Sydney and Singapore, Avolution is recognized as a Leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant and Forrester’s WAVE.

About SmartPro Solusi

Smartpro Solusi Asia is an Information Technology and Business consulting company based in Jakarta, Indonesia. For more than 5 years, Smartpro Solusi Asia has played a role in the Indonesian success story of Information Technology Advisory and Business Process Management Consultancy.

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