How to Select The Best Enterprise Architecture Charts and Diagrams

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What’s in this whitepaper and how do you select the best charts and diagrams for optimum results? Let’s a quick look…

“The most popular of the business intelligence charts available in ABACUS, responsive tree maps allow users to quickly compare proportions of data hierarchies. Information architects can “drilldown” into each branch to determine contributing factors to the value of the business.”

– from How to Select the Best Enterprise Architecture Charts and Diagrams p11.

ABACUS Tree Diagram

For data analysis and reporting, enterprise architects need to select the right charts and diagrams to deliver accurate, relevant and contextual information.

Best practice EA data visualization can make complex data understandable, and allow your colleagues to quickly grasp the implications of your analysis, roamaps and strategy.

In this whitepaper, we explore your options for creating the essential charts and diagrams for a range of types of enterprise architecture reporting, as well as advanced custom charts and visualizations.

We cover the basics such as Bubble, Gantt and Step Charts, also Pareto, Pyramid and Capability Space and Response Time Charts, Star and Scatter Plots and BI visualizations including Responsive Tree Maps, Sunburst Charts and Chord Diagrams.

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