How to Increase Enterprise Architecture Engagement Across the Business

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Increase engagement with teams across your organization with this handy guide.

To gain real value from the wealth of knowledge employees possess, organizations need a consistent process to store details of application portfolios, business processes, technology lifecycles and business strategy.

Without a fit-for-purpose platform to support this, business units and application owners tend to adopt their own tools, and architecture data can easily remain undocumented, siloed, and inaccessible.

Enterprise Architecture Stakeholder Engagement

Analyzing this information, to produce reportable and actionable insights can be achieved with properly recorded information.

So how can you best encourage your stakeholders to integrate relevant data and take advantage of these benefits?

Read on for tips and tricks on how to successfully transition your organization into using ABACUS.


Strategies for Driving User Engagement

Moving from “free-for-all” modeling to an environment with an underlying coherent metamodel-driven architecture can be an adjustment. Fortunately, there are strategies which can be employed to increase the degree of user engagement in your organization.

What steps can be taken to smooth the path for new users?

  • Create diagrams with automatic generation techniques

A 'The World According To' diagram with annotations

  • Build dashboards tailored to the needs of specific users or teams

BPMN Dashboard

  • Add templates and instructions for data owners of diagrams, to guide them in their work

Keeping the above steps in mind will allow you to capture, analyze and communicate with valuable enterprise data, showcasing the value and practicality of architecture knowledge across the business.


Types of User Interactions

The most effective way to increase user engagement is to develop tailored user adoption strategies.

A good place to begin is to navigate user onboarding strategies by categorising them according to the types of interactions that users have with enterprise architecture content:

  1. Diagramming – for solution architects and business process analysts
  2. Data capture – for collating information across the organization
  3. Decision-making – using dashboards, KPIs and reports to guide the business

Employing this more tailored approach allows user needs to be bought up to speed on the most useful skills and tool functionality for their role.

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