Avolution Supports Capgemini IAF

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Dr Tim O’Neill (founder and Executive Director) said: “We were very pleased to be asked to demonstrate our support for Capgemini’s IAF and I’m happy to say, did so with ease. The Lonely Hearts Consulting (LHC) case study was an excellent opportunity for us to demonstrate some of the world-leading visualization and analytical capabilities of ABACUS. In just 2 short weeks of effort Avolution populated ABACUS with almost the entirety of the LHC case study from MS Excel and MS Visio, replicated a collection of the standard IAF views, created several solution alternatives and simulated them to recommended two paths to take for LHC;

  • In-house training and automation (at 25% better performance, 17% better reliability but for €750k), or,
  • Good shore (17% better performance and 15% reliability, but for €1.5M saving).

For further details please contact sales on sales@avolutionsoftware.com

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