Avolution showcases tool for smart cities: IT, infrastructure, IoT at Open Group, Berlin

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Avolution will sponsor the Open Group Berlin conference “Smart Cities, Making Standards Work”.

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Avolution’s EMEA Regional Manager Peter Collins said: “IT systems and services and the complex physical infrastructure which supports smart cities need to be planned, integrated and rationalized. For these large, collaborative projects, the precise engineering-based methods available in ABACUS really come into their own.”

ABACUS is used to co-ordinate IT systems and business processes for major projects across a range of sectors, including financial services, government and infrastructure. Recently, international engineering, design and planning consultancy Arup used the tool to support planning for Qatar’s multibillion dollar smart city project.

“For major infrastructure projects, architects can use ABACUS to manage complex interconnected technologies and services, and plan how to integrate IT with building systems, security systems and fire systems,” said Collins. “And standards such as TOGAF or ArchiMate are available in the tool to provide clarity and consistency around this planning and modelling process.

“The detailed digital repository and information about physical assets and IoT which can be captured in ABACUS can also be used to map and monitor services and associated systems across a range of industries and applications.”

Both TOGAF and ArchiMate users will find that the latest metamodels, notations, sample diagrams and other assets are available in ABACUS, as well as proprietary reporting, visualization and analytics. Avolution consultants will be available to discuss how to leverage these standards for best-practice enterprise architecture.

More information on how Arup used ABACUS to plan smart cities is available from Information Age: The Transformation of Architecture in the Age of Smart Cities.

The full ABACUS product suite will be available for delegates to view at the conference and Avolution experts will also be available to discuss:

  • Developing an enterprise architecture strategy
  • Using TOGAF and ArchiMate for application portfolio management, tackling technical debt, managing legacy systems, and aligning innovative technologies business goals
  • Best-practice Enterprise Architecture roadmapping
  • Using algorithms available in ABACUS to calculate business-critical metrics such as Cost, Risk and Reliability, and to inform trade-off analysis
  • Using ABACUS for Enterprise Portfolio Management (EPM), IT strategic planning, Business Process Management (BPM), Solution Architecture (SOA), IT Service Management (ITSM), Business Intelligence (BI), and Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC)

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