Avolution reports record demand for enterprise architecture and digital productivity software

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Avolution has reported record demand and sales growth for its ABACUS software during Q1 2018, with growth tracking to accelerate through the first half of the year and beyond.

Peter Collins, EMEA Regional Manager at Avolution said that this demand was part of a trend for enterprises to lay a strong but adaptable foundation for IT and business systems in a “continual transformation” environment. He also noted that the requirement for enterprise architecture support software which can be deployed in the cloud was maturing.

“We’re receiving particularly strong growth in enquiries from companies in the UK, Germany and Switzerland, and also from the Middle East and Africa. Avolution’s cloud-based modeling software has allowed us to increase deployment speed, achieving quicker time-to-value for the practitioners and executives who rely on the digital business models, cost calculations and analytics, reports and data visualizations that ABACUS provides.”

Collins said that cloud-based deployment is one of the features which is enabling the digital business knowledge captured in ABACUS to be maintained and available much more widely through the business. “Companies are using cloud deployment to arm a broader and more inclusive user base, well beyond the enterprise architecture and digital transformation offices with detailed knowledge of systems and processes. They’re providing access to business analysts, application owners and infrastructure managers making sure that they can update information early and often.”

Architects are also moving to leverage information from ServiceNow and Flexera Technopedia using dedicated adapters, and integrating data via ABACUS’ REST API.

“Companies are coming to us with the requirement to future proof their enterprise architecture investments and capabilities. That is, they need to be confident that they can adjust the way they do architectural and digital planning and the underlying metamodels and databases as their business itself changes. The XML-based graph database on which ABACUS is based provides this high level of adaptability and flexibility.”

Avolution is the first software vendor to provide fully updated support for the new TOGAF® Standard, Version 9.2, launched in April 2018. TOGAF is an Open Group standard used by 70,000+ enterprise architects and solution architects worldwide.

Avolution is a Premier sponsor and exhibitor at the Gartner Enterprise Architecture & Technology Innovation Summit in London. Visit us at Stand P1 for a demonstration or a free trial of ABACUS.

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