Avolution Announces Record Results

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Avolution, provider of the market leading ABACUS® solution for enterprise modelling and the metrics-based analysis of architectures, today announced record results for the past 12 months.

“In contrast to the global economic downturn, Avolution continues its outstanding growth in all areas including revenue, profitability and user-base with a growth of over 70% in the last year” said Dr Tim O’Neill, co-founder of Avolution. “Avolution’s position as the the market leader for enterprise modelling and metrics-based analysis of architectures is well established now with hundreds of new users every month realising significant value for their organisations through our cost-effective ABACUS solution.”

Highlights for the past 12 months included the following:

  • Logica selected ABACUS as the preferred solution for their IT Strategy, Service Oriented Architecture and Enterprise Architecture High Growth Area (HGA).
  • Avolution released ABACUS 3.2 RC which boasts a wealth of great new features including: Improved Annotation Management, Shape Scaling, Snap-to-Grid and Smart Connector tool for 2Ds; Model Simplification including removal of ports and instance properties linked to type; Grouping of Implementations, Types, Templates and Views; Property Required, Data Type, OR and Enforceable constraints with Constant Model Checking; Finer-grained Role-Based Permissions; Improved Property Management; Bubble Charts and Matrix Views; and, Publisher improvements including Appears in View section for elements, improved Pan-and-Zoom and Relative Links.
  • ABACUS was cited by independent research analysts as a Cool Vendor and appeared in Computer Weekly.
  • 10 new or updated ABACUS notations, frameworks or libraries were released including: APQC PCF, IT-CMF, ITIL, TOGAF 9 and IEEE 1471 – ISO/IEC 42010. The libraries can be downloaded for free from the Avolution Community.
  • Keynote presentations by Avolution and their clients at several international conferences, symposiums and forums on enterprise architecture and modelling.
  • Avolution expanded its global reach into over 60 countries, signing major client deals and partnerships in all sectors.

For various demonstrations of ABACUS please visit Avolution’s YouTube page and to schedule a demonstration here.

Avolution produces the ABACUS software suite, used to manage IT and business strategy. ABACUS users can move quickly, collaborating to deliver on enterprise architecture and digital transformation goals. Import and centralize data in minutes, build models and roadmaps, run analytics and algorithms, report with rich visuals and dashboards.

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