A Tool Which Adapts Gives A Competitive Advantage

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A Tool Which Adapts Gives A Competitive Advantage
How closely were you paying attention during middle school or high school biology classes?

Biology fascinates my imagination. We draw inspiration for so many of our modern-day inventions from ancient advances in the biological world: robots and ant colonieswind farms and fishdistributed computing and cell biology. Let’s see how the ABACUS enterprise modeling and analytics tool mimics a microscopic organism: the amoeba.

Your organization’s data can be found in all sorts of places – databases, documents such as spreadsheets and images, collaboration platforms, system specific data stores, etc. Each data store can be thought of as a simple organism – some might be organisms with rigid cell walls while others could be hydras – cut off a piece and four branches grow in its place! All of these organisms are floating around in some sort of organic soup which is your enterprise.

Meanwhile you are zipping around sitting in the nucleus (Designer seat) of an amoeba (ABACUS). Amoeba’s are shape shifters; they can (must!) extend or retract parts of their body in order consume their prey.

First, an amoeba (ABACUS) identifies the cell it will consume (target data store) and begins to extend pseudopods (component types) to surround the target. Once the target has been surrounded in a phagosome (integration with ABACUS – e.g. SharePoint, ServiceNow, MS Excel, and many others), the amoeba (ABACUS) digests the nutrients it needs (identify and create custom properties and/or new constraints). Finally – the amoeba gets rid of waste.

Enterprise Architecture Amoeba


Even as they constantly change shape, they retain their integrity as a single coherent organism – just like your flexible ABACUS metamodel. The amoeba can survive in almost any environment due its ability to absorb a wide array of life forms.

On the flip side the amoeba would die if it didn’t behave flexibly. And so might EA initiatives if they aren’t able to adapt to their environment and existing data stores.

– Luis Fernandez


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