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WORKSHOP: Roadmapping Masterclass for Enterprise Architects

Wednesday 21st February | 8:30 - 11:30am | 160 Fleet Street, London EC4A 2DQ |

Do you deliver roadmaps regularly? Quick, clear roadmaps are a hallmark of successful enterprise architects. This workshop will walk through how to leverage existing data from SharePoint, Excel, Google Sheets and other sources, and standards including TOGAF®, to build compelling roadmaps.

This event is for current ABACUS users and practitioners who are considering using ABACUS.

(Places are limited so please sign up promptly - Coffee and pastries provided).


The masterclass will cover techniques for:

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    Mapping lifecycle stages, dependencies and impacts using automated views

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    Streamlining application portfolios

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    Managing legacy systems and technical debt and reducing costs

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    Strategies for digital innovation including trade-off analysis and cost-benefit analysis to guide decision making and plan future-state business models

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    Structuring roadmaps to plan for critical compliance missions such as GDPR.