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Clean, modern dashboards and menus which guide users through the process of building out charts & roadmaps. Enjoy the latest in enterprise architecture design.


Architecture roadmaps, models, diagrams & analysis all in one tool

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Streamlined Navigation and Dashboard Setup

Details about systems, process and plans are used every day across your organization. So adding or updating information needs to be straightforward. The latest design updates in ABACUS make architecture even more accessible for a wide range of users:

  • Color contrast for easy readability
  • Navigation toolbar provides efficient access to frequently used functions
  • Dashboard setup menu guides users through the process of adding charts or content
  • Icon design updates with a clean, contemporary theme
  • Quick confirmation pop-ups keep users informed in real-time when work is saved or committed

Bring Teams Together with a Collaborative Enterprise Architecture Diagramming Tool

Enjoy smooth collaboration on diagrams and data: Enterprise Architects, Process Modelers, Solution Architects, Cloud Architects, Application Owners, Data Analysts, Business Strategy Professionals and Managers can all access and update content.

Entity Relationship Diagram ERD

Building Models, Diagrams and Flowcharts Online in ABACUS 11


  • Stop worrying about disconnected diagrams and data: updates to your datasets are inherited in diagrams
  • Use the online drawing stencil to easily build, share, and edit web-based diagrams, process maps and flowcharts
  • Quickly add links to direct colleagues to relevant diagrams, data catalogs, or other parts of your architecture
  • Add components by dragging them onto the diagram and placing them as required


  • Hierarchy can be set by dragging a new component directly onto the desired parent
  • Modelers are prompted to include existing connections when adding a component to a diagram that has existing connections
  • Architects can ensure consistency in diagrams and models by building in guardrails and rules to guide modeling across the business.

Leading Tool For Enterprise Architecture

Avolution are proud to be recognized as a Leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Architecture Tools 2022. ABACUS also received the highest scores in All Use Cases in Gartner Critical Capabilities 2022.

Communicate Clearly with Automated Chart Legends

Add informative legends in your Bubble, Column, and Pie Charts. Provide valuable context and understanding when you present data.

  • ABACUS will generate a legend according to the content being displayed
  • For discrete values, the specific values are displayed in the legend
  • If the property is a number, the legend shows a range with units such as dollar signs for currencies

Easily add shapes from Visio

Users can add standalone shapes directly to the ABACUS shapes library from Visio. The Visio shapes are then available for use in diagrams and models by all ABACUS users.
For architects who need a cloud architecture diagramming tool for designing systems and solutions, ABACUS also provides official AWS, Azure and GCP icon libraries.

Plus Updates to Permissions, Analysis Automation and more

We’d love to give you an overview of how ABACUS can streamline your architecture visualization & analysis.

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