Enterprise Architecture Roadmapping
in 2023

with ABACUS 10

Upgrade Your Enterprise Architecture Presentations with Responsive Design


Your enterprise architecture and business process diagrams are easier to present, with ABACUS 10.

Auto-scaling allows users to move smoothly between browser and screen sizes. Dashboards and portlets resize for optimal presentation.

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Leading Tool For Enterprise Architecture

Avolution are proud to be recognized as a Leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Architecture Tools 2022. ABACUS also received the highest scores in All Use Cases in Gartner Critical Capabilities 2022.

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“Edit” and “View” Diagram Modes

Both architects and business users can switch easily between “Edit” and “View” modes when working with web-based diagrams.

  • In “View” mode, you can pan, zoom, and access the edit properties window, but not move, add, or delete objects
  • “Edit” mode allows you to edit diagrams by moving, adding, and deleting objects

Connection Details & Permissions

Users can now drill into connection details by right-clicking on connections in diagrams. In ABACUS, connections are more than lines, and allow property details to traverse architectures.

Administrators now have increased control over user permissions to edit diagrams and modify properties.

Analytics Updates, Including Cost Attribution Calculations

Enhancements to technical and financial analysis capabilities

Users are now able to make calculations on properties in connections, and attribute values to and from connections.

For example, an architect can use ABACUS to allocate the cost of an application to the departments which use it. They can attribute current cost percentages, and forecast costs into the future.

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Advanced Search of Architecture Content

By applying specific filters, users can generate more precise, efficient search results. 

Users can filter based on various combinations of architectures, elements, elements types, and their properties using the interactive UI or filter directives. For instance,  identifying only “As-Is” architectures, then searching by Name.

Frameworks to Accelerate Architecture

TOGAF 10 is now available for architects who wish to use the latest version of this leading EA framework.

For an overview of “What’s New and What’s Different in TOGAF 10” please see The Open Group presentation from Avolution’s 2022 Digital Summit – What’s New and Different in TOGAF Standard 10th Edition.


View Enterprise Architecture Frameworks

TOGAF The Open Group Architecture Framework
ArchiMate Enterprise Architecture Framework
Business Process Management Notation
BIAN Framework

Cloud Architecture Diagram Icon Libraries

Official Google Cloud (GCP) icons are now available in ABACUS as a dedicated custom library. Architects can build cloud architecture diagrams or reference architectures. (AWS and Azure icon libraries are already available as dedicated libraries in ABACUS).

Enterprise Architecture Roadmapping in 2023

Watch this webinar to explore the future of enterprise architecture, featuring emerging EA trends and key roadmapping techniques using the latest ABACUS features.

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Updated for enterprise architecture modeling, roadmapping and analysis in 2023, take a quick tour of what’s new in ABACUS.

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