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ABACUS 6.0 supports best-in-class modeling, roadmapping and analytics. Plus use browser-based portfolios and tailor dashboards and visualizations to streamline data management and decision making across your business.


Putting enterprise architecture at the heart of the digital business

Connect enterprise data with digital portfolios

ABACUS digital portfolios are browser-based catalogs and dashboards. Data owners across the business can quickly edit and update catalogs and present data with dynamic dashboards.

  • Manage information: applications, technology, processes and resources.
  • Embed digital portfolios in Microsoft Teams for easy access.
  • Streamlined authentication and login with full SSO and Open ID.
  • Multiple users can co-author catalogs with changes visible in real-time. Create drop-down lists, edit cells and classify them using color.
  • Communicate using dashboards: mini-reports, roadmaps and dynamic data visualizations.
  • Use this centralized data to create accurate architectural models and diagrams.
  • Administrators can set up fine-grained permissions and change logs.

“The editable catalogs are easy to use. It’s just a spreadsheet. In most enterprises lots of people in different areas have different parts of the necessary information. If we can tie all these things together – the business processes, the systems involved, the different programs and products – these business transactions and other data really start to make sense.

James Blackwell, Enterprise Technical Architect, Financial Services


Best-in-Class Integrations and API

Enjoy best-in-class Microsoft and O365 integrations. Plus an expanded readable and writeable open API.

  • For the first time enterprise architecture data can be integrated seamlessly within MS Teams and other workplace social software.
  • Use Teams tabs to keep the technical and business data needed for everyday decisions connected, and front-of-mind
  • Users across the business can also navigate through data integrated from Excel, Visio, SharePoint, Google Sheets, CMDBs etc.
  • Push data from a wide range of tools and databases directly to your repository via ABACUS’ expanded and writeable API.
  • Updates are available in real-time for modeling and roadmapping
Visual Algorithm-Composer-in-ABACUS
Algorithms: Visual Composer

This self-service no-code analytics engine is a practical and transparent way to calculate business-critical metrics. It is the first tool to bring data science techniques to enterprise architecture and digital strategy and operations.

  • Set up algorithms using the ABACUS ‘drag-n-drop’ Visual Algorithm Composer to calculate tightly-tailored KPIs.
  • Calculate cost, risk, impact, probability, trends in metrics. Schedule algorithms to run when new data is committed.
  • Run operations including Sum, Min, Max, Ave, Count, Multiply, Subtract, Divide, Power, Square Root
  • Edit pre-build algorithms and adjust them as you add data or requirements. Share algorithms between projects.
  • Results are specific to your industry, business structure and current or planned technology infrastructure
  • Present your calculations using dynamic data visualizations, diagrams and dashboards.
Tracing connections and attributing costs

Responsive Sankey Diagrams in ABACUS 6.0 show real-time connections between applications, systems, technology and processes. Access them as auto-generated pop-ups in ABACUS browser-based digital portfolios:

  • Drill down into the Costs, ROI and other attributes of applications and infrastructure; understand dependencies and connections.
  • Identify operational details needed to steer enterprise architecture and transformation.
  • Show the volume and flow of costs or other attributes to or from applications and other infrastructure. The width of the arrows is proportional to the quantity.
  • Use color to categorize the diagram by component type.
Fresh diagrams, colors and faster performance

ABACUS 6.0 ships with a wealth of new features which improve the modeling and reporting experience. This includes significant performance upgrades and fresh colour swatches to select from when creating charts and diagrams.

  • Upgrades to in-memory technologies boost performance and response times.
  • Configure visualizations inc. treemaps, sunburst charts and partition maps directly in your browser.
  • These visualizations also change automatically as data is updated.
  • Easier to select viewpoints during diagram creation.
  • Embedded scripts can be scheduled to run on the server directly from ABACUS.
Gap analysis using Architecture Sync

Supercharge your roadmaps by using artificial intelligence and machine learning to reveal the steps needed to move the business forward.

  • Map out in detail how to move between current and future states.
  • Architecture Sync uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to smart-match elements across architectures and accurately track changes over time.
  • Once the architecture sync is run, color identifiers in the explorer tree surface differences.
  • Quantitatively determine the gaps between architectures and future-state options.
  • Streamline the process of keeping evolved to-be architectures in line with the current state architectures by merging multiple types of components and connections simultaneously.
  • Approved changes can be accepted directly into the baseline.
ABACUS 6.0 Architecture Sync
Archimate-3.0 in ABACUS 6.0
Updates: ArchiMate 3.0, TOGAF 9.2, BPMN 2.0

Over 100 popular enterprise architecture frameworks and notations are available in ABACUS. ABACUS was the first tool to be fully certified for ArchiMate 3.0, and is now ratified with ArchiMate 3.0 certification.

  • ABACUS 6.0 provides 100% ‘Out-of-the-box’ conformance with ArchiMate 3.0, and is the only tool demonstrating import and export of the full XML Model Exchange File Format with 2 other tools.
  • ABACUS 6.0 continues to provide fully updated support for the new TOGAF® Standard, Version 9.2
  • Other significant library updates include BPMN 2.0

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