Digital Enterprise Architecture Summit
13 - 14 November 2019


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2019 Featured Presentations 

How to Deliver Value to Multiple Stakeholders

Rishi Shah, Reliance Industries Ltd. 
Wednesday 13th November 10:00 GMT | 11:00 CET | 15:30 IST

How do you successfully serve multiple business units within your enterprise? The Reliance enterprise architecture team engages with over 15 verticals utilising a massive IT landscape in India’s largest private sector business enterprise. The Reliance team will talk about the importance of measuring and communicating risk, how to motivate business leaders to improve both data quality and processes, and how to work with them to mitigate risk and optimise processes.

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Streamlining Application Rating and Categorization with Algorithms

James Bashford, Man Group. 
Wednesday 13th November 14:00 GMT | 15:00 CET | 09:00 EST

Man Group. are an active investment firm managing US$ 114.4b globally. Their enterprise architecture team supports the firms’ advanced technology infrastructure and governs the latest technology across all aspects of their business. Technical Architect, James Bashford, will focus in on how they have streamlined their application rating framework using algorithms in ABACUS, so that technology is responsive to the needs of both critical business operations and everyday innovation.

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Enterprise Architecture Reporting Best Practice

Avolution Software
Wednesday 13th November 15:30 GMT | 16:30 CET | 10:30 EST

Persuade, gain buy-in and sign off from time-poor stakeholders. The best enterprise architecture reporting makes complex data understandable, and allows your colleagues to quickly grasp the implications of your KPIs, and provide the feedback you need.

        • How to set up dashboards to quickly visualize calculated KPIs by domain or architectural state
        • How and when to use dynamic visualizations (treemaps, partition maps, sunbursts)
        • Creating impact analysis diagrams for business and technical stakeholders

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Business Transformation Planning for Healthcare

Zahid Hossain, MedImpact
Wednesday 13th November 10:00 PST | 13:00 EST | 18:00 GMT

How can you deliver business value and why does it matter? Enterprise architects play a critical role in maximizing their company’s digital business transformation and strategy. The enterprise architecture team at MedImpact will demonstrate their Business Transformation Planning techniques, tailored for the healthcare industry. This includes: Locating and connecting the data you need, Requirements and governance-specific to healthcare and pharmacy companies and; Roadmapping, Reporting, and ROI.

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Defining the Why, Structuring the What, and Leading the How of EA

Panellist Session
Thursday 14th November 12:00 SGT | 15:00 AEDT | 17:00 NZDT

Overcome challenges to EA enablement. From establishing digital transformation initiatives – to designing and implementing frameworks and tools – and ensuring business value is delivered. This panel discussion will take you through the experiences and insights of three successful EAs to help you build compelling narratives for your organization to support and invest in EA.

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Avolution Software
Thursday 14th November 14:00 GMT | 15:00 CET | 09:00 EST

New features in this release of ABACUS are designed to make enterprise architecture quicker, easier and more memorable.

        • Let machine learning work its magic. Predict missing or incomplete value as you populate your data
        • Create interactive Gantt charts which bring your roadmaps to life, automatically updating at the pace of change
        • Refine predictions with trends, conditional filters, and other enhancements to no-code algorithms
        • Dynamically view your enterprise graph and explore impacts in real-time

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Epic Architecture and the Journey to Long-Term Planning

Omar Keblawi, Informatica 
Thursday 14th November 8:00 PST | 9:00 MST | 11:00 EST | 16:00 GMT

Fostering innovation to encourage business and technical changes is integral to digital business. But guaranteeing delivery performance for both current and future projects can be easier said than done. Informatica have developed initiatives that can support their future business needs in tandem with their current priorities. They will walk through the use of architectural epics in managing long-range plans with ABACUS.

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From Scratch to Self-Service Architecture (Almost)

Chris Pugrud and Tyson Dye, First Interstate Bank
Thursday 14th November 11:00 MST | 10:00 PST | 13:00 EST

The EA team at First Interstate Bank has taken an unscripted, throw it at the wall and see what sticks, approach to building an EA practice. They have used multiple frameworks and the “common language” of applications to drive business engagement. The team is developing a “self-service architecture” approach that supplies an open repository and encourages exploration through ABACUS Enterprise. The self-service architecture approach is helping to accelerate projects, present roadmaps for planning, and supply a common language for communication.

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