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Architecture Summit 2020

What new techniques are Enterprise Architects using in 2020 to lead digital strategy, adapt to rapid change, and manage risk?

Join us from the comfort of your desk, for the Global Online Digital Enterprise Architecture Summit 2020. Enjoy masterclasses, professional development and discussions from enterprise architecture leaders and experts. We’ll explore trends, challenges and practical solutions including Scenario Analysis for Risk & Resilience, Roadmaps, Cloud Migration, Agile Architecture, Cybersecurity and more.

08th – 09th July 2020

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Featured Presentations


How to Win EA Sprints & Marathons 

Avolution Software, Dr Tim O’Neill
Wednesday 8th July, 09:00 BST | 16:00 SGT | 18:00 AEST


Get your running shoes on! The pace set by businesses gets faster each year. But the good news is that architects can also make the most of new “training-techniques” to boost their speed.

Dr Tim O’Neill will cover five strategies used by enterprise architects and digital strategy managers to excel.

  • Embracing EAs as Multi-Sport Athletes
  • Discover the Power of Pacing and Delivering Time-To-Value
  • Building Trust and Communication with Stakeholders

Modeling and Self-Service Dashboards to Support Business and IT Stakeholders

NXP, Dr. Herman Hartmann
Wednesday 8th July, 10:30 BST | 11:30 CEST | 15:00 IST


NXP is a world leader in semiconductor, automotive, industrial IoT and communications technologies. See how their EA team use a combination of ABACUS Enterprise together with ABACUS Studio to support a wide group of users and stakeholders:

  • Creating tailored dashboards for specific stakeholders and business area
  • Using process maps, treemaps, graph views and catalogues to communicate information and provide valuable insights 
  • Using ArchiMate and BPMN frameworks with a dedicated integration CMDB

End-to-end Agile Enterprise Architecture: A Nationwide Insurance Perspective

Nationwide Insurance, Hari Krishnan
Wednesday 8th July, 09:30 EDT | 14:30 BST | 15:30 CEST


Being one of the largest insurance and financial services companies, globally, the ability to adapt to change is paramount. Explore Nationwide’s Agile approach to Enterprise Architecture and the benefits it holds for the wider business:

  • What is end-to-end Agile?  
  • Criticality of speed, agility and technology adoption for today’s businesses  
  • Role of Enterprise Architecture  

Connecting People With Live Data: Integrations & Collaboration  

Avolution Software, Nick Stevenson-Steels, Manisha Sunnasy
Wednesday 8th July, 11:00 EDT | 16:00 BST | 17:00 CEST


How can a global enterprise put enterprise architecture intelligence in the hands of users across the business? How can EAs connect and automate enterprise data management with integrations, API, and support cloud-based data updates? This presentation will provide practical real-world examples of:  

  • Selecting the right KPIs and designing dashboards for stakeholders (inc. Application Owners, CIO, Head of Operations)   
  • Setting up dashboards which offer day-to-day value 
  • Streamlining and incentivising data-updates and keeping data-quality high 

Data-Driven Architecture: Charting the Course to the Digital Enterprise

Cornerstone Consulting, Darin Paton
Wednesday 8th July, 14:00 MDT | 16:00 EST | 21:00 BST


The benefits of a data-driven approach, and automated analytics include higher productivity and engagement with business and IS stakeholders. Darin Paton works with organizations to support organizational change and the journey towards the Digital Enterprise. Darin will cover:

  • Key insights in charting the course to Digital Enterprise
  • An agile approach to defining business & process application roadmaps, guided by supporting analytical views (Diagrams, heat maps, and annotations
  • Driving data quality, analytics, and model perspectives through automated algorithms

Empowering the Business with Collaborative Enterprise Architecture

Webinar: Aurizon 
Thursday 9th July, 09:00 SGT | 10:00 JST | 11:00 AEST


Aurizon is Australia’s largest rail freight operator and a top 50 ASX company. Discover how a small EA team set up a comprehensive repository and demonstrated the value of EA to stakeholders across the organisation. 

  • Artifacts that present solutions to business problems, tailored to the information needs of end users
  • Collaborative Data Management incl. interactive visualisations
  • Application Portfolio Management and reduction of Technical Debt 

How to Deliver A Human Centered Enterprise Architecture

Penrod, Dr Christine Stephenson
Thursday 9th July, 12:00 SGT | 13:00 JST | 14:00 AEST


Dr Christine Stephenson has established multiple enterprise architecture practices and also trained hundreds of enterprise architects in how to take a human-centred, pragmatic approach to being successful and as a result helping your business achieve success. Christine’s presentation will cover:

  • Working towards a Minimum Lovable Product
  • Using a Value Proposition Canvas to identify the people you’re designing for and their jobs-to-be-done
  • Mapping these back to inform enterprise architecture and program delivery

One Amsterdam, One Architecture: Consolidating silo’d government architectures into a central source of knowledge

Municipality of Amsterdam, Henk Volbeda
Thursday 9th July, 09:00 BST | 10:00 CEST | 16:00 SGT

To support the ongoing digitalization of local government in an effective and timely manner, architects benefit from a shared knowledge base. This presentation will provide insight in the ongoing journey of the architecture team of the City of Amsterdam towards this goal.

  • Use of ArchiMate as the shared language
  • Use of tooling from Visio, Archi to ABACUS
  • Move focus from primarily projects only to also landscape contribution

Real-time Enterprise Architecture with the ABACUS API

Man Group, Adam Filder
Thursday 9th July, 13:00 BST | 14:00 CEST | 17:30 IST


Enterprise Architecture typically connects lots of data together, modelling relationships and dependencies, to present contextual views to stakeholders. But how do you do this across many data stores and sources? And how do you manage different update rates and formats? Join Man Group, an active investment management firm, where they will walk through how they use the ABACUS API to source data from systems automatically to build trust in EA data and analysis:

  • Using effective data handling to manage company-wide data sources e.g. project roadmaps, product lifecycles etc
  • Creating automations to ensure data is consistently up-to-date and remove reliance on manual updates
  • Communicating and sharing data with the wider organization

EA Roadshows: How to Communicate Value Company-Wide 

Aflac, Peter Brauer
Thursday 9th July, 07:30 MDT | 09:30 EDT | 14:30 BST


Aflac is the largest provider of supplemental insurance in the United States and also has strong representation in the Japanese insurance market. With over 10,000 employees, it is a technology-forward organization. Discover the benefits of using EA Roadshows to communicate IT structure and strategy:

  • Bringing together information and communicating it widely, demonstrating value to different audiences
  • Ensure employees can quickly locate technical, business and service delivery information
  • How to choose which parts of the EA metamodel will be relevant to different departments

Using Scenario Analysis to Manage Risk and Improve Resilience

Avolution Software, Andrew Lewthwaite
Thursday 9th July, 09:00 MDT | 11:00 EDT | 16:00 BST


All businesses need to plan for the best and prepare for the worst by assessing a range of scenarios. This presentation will cover how EA’s can lead or contribute to scenario planning and enterprise resilience. Incl. scenario analysis and risk management techniques:

  • Application Rationalization 
  • Digital First and Cybersecurity 
  • How architects can deploy roadmaps, KPIs & dependencies which support decision making

Enterprise Architecture Pub Quiz

Avolution Software
Thursday 9th July, 10:00 MDT | 12:00 EDT | 17:00 BST


Form a team with your colleagues – or engage in some friendly workplace competition – for Avolution’s Enterprise Architecture Pub Quiz! Test your EA knowledge and relax with a refreshing drink from the comfort of your home office. Join the fun and the chance to win a hamper of Australian delights! Topics include:

  • Foundations of Enterprise Architecture
  • Identify popular frameworks and acronyms, such as TOGAF
  • General knowledge



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All presentations will be conducted in English.

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