Frustrated with Rigid Meta Models?

October 13, 2015

TOGAF 9.1          

Many enterprise architects struggle with the usability of off-the-shelf metamodels and frameworks. These become increasingly frustrating as your projects progress, particularly as they reach the critical delivery stages, where time pressure is on and detail must be exact.

But in a lot of EA approaches, the process of getting a consultant or vendor to design your metamodel can be costly, slow and beset by the problems normal in any client-supplier relationship (they can’t read your mind!).

There is an easier and better way. With the ABACUS Designer product you can quickly create your own metamodels and frameworks either from existing libraries or from scratch. Most EAs find that the simplest approach is to adapt standards provided in our library such as BMM, BPMN, ITIL, TOGAF, Zachman, DODAF etc using simple “right-click” and “drag-and-drop” commands. 

Test and modify these, then share them with other users.


Archimate 2.1


Hundreds of companies have used ABACUS to tailor metamodels and frameworks to the needs of their own company and industry. The most common approaches are hybrid metamodels using BMM+P3O+BPMN+ITIL+TOGAF or simply BizBOK+TOGAF.

A list of some of the standards you can adapt using ABACUS Designer is here

What you'll need - ABACUS Designer – you can find the datasheet on our product page here.

Download a free trial and get started:  or we'll happily walk you through the basics of metamodel design, contact