Butler Group rates ABACUS as a pioneer

June 11, 2008

"The flexibility of the Avolution approach manifests in a much larger number of standard architectural frameworks available compared to other modelling solution providers. The solution permits users to create new libraries, as well as merging existing libraries, to create an organisation specific framework in a matter of minutes ... using simple ‘right-clicks’ in the standard User Interface, as opposed to making changes to the internal database that many modelling tools need to do."

Specifically, Butler Group "is impressed with the range of infrastructure data sources supported and the data import/export mechanism", "is very impressed with the visual richness of the 2D and 3D models, including the component and connector iconography and the intuitiveness of the charts and graphs" and "really likes the company’s focus on metrics-based evaluation".

"Unlike a lot of focused modelling solutions, ABACUS is aimed on enabling the individual architect to quickly define architecture models and perform trade off simulations, and therefore installation does not involve the usual model building phase" and "overall, ABACUS is a solution well aligned with the requirements not only of Enterprise Architecture, but potentially for a variety of infrastructure initiatives and process optimisation projects".

For further details please contact Sales on sales@avolution.com.au and please download the full report here.