Avolution to present at APC'08 in Glasgow

March 14, 2008

Dr Tim O'Neill from Avolution will deliver a presentation titled "Case Study: pan-Government Enterprise Modelling at Capita".

Case Study: pan-Government Enterprise Modelling at Capita
Capita is the UK's leading Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and consulting company with over 30,000 staff operating in all sectors.  The local government practice has several major accounts, including Birmingham City Council (BCC), the largest local authority in Europe.  To discover, set and share best-practice across their government accounts, Capita has established a pan-Government centre.

In this case study, Dr O'Neill will present on one of the first outputs of this centre, a pan-Government Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) framework.  The framework is being used to not only engineer optimal solutions within accounts but to exploit knowledge and opportunities across accounts.  The framework includes;

  • Libraries of re-useable patterns and templates attributed with cost, performance and reliability metrics,
  • Advanced techniques of Impact, Gap, Scenario and Trade-off analysis (based on TOGAF), and,
  • Rationalisation indices and a metrics-based architecture method (based on ABACUS).

For further details please contact Avolution Sales on sales@avolution.eu.