Avolution presents at EAC'07 in Sydney

August 05, 2007

Research Fellow at the University of Technology, Sydney and Executive Director of Avolution, Dr Tim O'Neill, will deliver a presentation titled "Case Study: Enterprise Modelling at Birmingham City Council (BCC)". Dr O'Neill will also share his experience through a panel discussion titled "Reasons for failure/success of EA programs".

Case Study: Enterprise Modelling at the Birmingham City Council (BCC)
Birmingham City Council (BCC) is one of the largest local authorities in the world and is 1 year into a visionary 10 year / £450M business transformation programme. One of the first initiatives undertaken has been to construct the "Council in a Box" enterprise model as a single-point-of-truth for the Council.

This presentation will briefly cover the Enterprise Modelling (EM) method used to build this model, aspects of the resulting framework and the structure and connectedness of the repository using the ABACUS solution from Avolution. We will also introduce some revolutionary techniques (including descendant architectures, capability space charts and trade-off diagrams) used by BCC to analyse and communicate the trade-offs and benefits of various enterprise-wide initiatives, alternatives or solutions across people, processes and technology.

Key questions explored:

  • Is traditional Enterprise Architecture just “Art for Art’s Sake”?
  • Why passive modeling to develop “just enough architecture” was the only way forward
  • Are all architectures and architecture-models equal?
  • The difference between “Impact Observation” and real Trade-off and Impact Analysis
  • Managing non-functional requirements like TCO, Performance, Availability and Security

For further details please contact Avolution Sales on sales@avolution.com.au.