Avolution in Computer Weekly

June 16, 2009

Quoting from the article ... According to Dr Tim O'Neill, co-founder of business solutions provider Avolution - a Gartner "cool vendor" - it is no longer adequate for firms to be merely passive consumers of data. To truly harness its value, they need to be more thoughtful and aggressive in finding out what it is that they need to know.

"Often this comes down to IT executives asking the questions that are normally too painful to ask," he says. "For example, Where do I cut 30% off my budget without affecting my service levels?"

Formed out of the University of Technology in Sydney, Avolution markets a unique 3D-enterprise modelling system called Abacus.

3D visualisation is an important new trend in information management, and Abacus is designed to provide organisations with a deeper understanding of the relationships between the myriad components that comprise their business and the emergent behaviour of those components.

O'Neill says that for companies to achieve this, they need to get better at asking the right questions and better at interpreting their answers. "It is not good enough to just draw a few box and line diagrams and hack together a spreadsheet. You have to look deeply into your organisation and manage it with specific metrics and rich visualisation techniques."

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