ABACUS presented at APC'11 in London

May 11, 2011

Avolution, provider of the market leading ABACUS® solution for enterprise modelling and the metrics-based planning and analysis, today announced that Avolution clients, Barclays and Cognizant, keynote presented on some of their experiences with Enterprise Architecture and ABACUS at the Open Group's Architecture Practioner Conference in London on Wednesday the 11th May 2011.

Dr Rob Oddy of Barclays and Rajaram Venkataramani of Cognizant delivered a presentation titled "Optimizing Architecture Evolution – A critical addition to TOGAF ADM".

Optimizing Architecture Evolution – A critical addition to TOGAF ADM.
IT architecture in any large enterprise undergoes continual change due to new business requirements, regulatory laws and technology drivers. C-Level executives want this transformation to be optimized for cost while minimizing business and IT risks. EA practices in most enterprises, however, have not matured to a level where it is possible to truly understand the business impact of architecture decisions before, during or even after a transformation exercise. One reason is that enterprises do not adequately leverage industry frameworks such as TOGAF or Zachmann to model their current or future state, making any impact analysis effort highly subjective. A more critical reason is that existing frameworks do not provide the methodology to optimize architecture evolution.

Based on case studies, we recommend that "Optimize" should be added as a distinctinct phase in TOGAF ADM parallel to phases B to E. This has been found very useful in 100M Payments programme done for Barclays, which we will present in this session. In addition to large programmes, we believe that Optimize phase will help in defining departmental roadmaps. We will illustrate this using Finance and Risk roadmap case study. In addition to the methodology change, we also recommend adoption of formalisms to objectively analyze AS-IS and TO-BE architectures as well as transformation journey. In this session will cover a formalism based on graph theory that was used in the Payments programme. Mathematical graph is both an intuitive as well as a rigorous formalism to use. It also allows encoding from other formalisms such as pi-calculus, ambient calculus and petrinets. It allows upgrading from semi-formal approaches such as UML and informal representations. ATOM, Architecture Transformation Optimization Model, is a Cognizant IP for the purpose of modeling and analyzing, which may be refined and integrated to TOGAF ADM.

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