ABACUS is TOGAF certified

July 17, 2007



The library can be downloaded for free from the Avolution Community.

Through its certification from The Open Group, Avolution can provide customers with assurance that ABACUS conforms to industry best-practice open standards. This means that organisations who want to base their Enterprise or Solution Architectures on TOGAF 8 can utilise ABACUS, as well as Avolution's training, professional services and partners, for this purpose.

"Avolution, with its research partner, the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS), have a long history of standards participation." said Dr Tim O'Neill, founder of Avolution. "Through the 90s, the founders of Avolution (through UTS) were instrumental in developing THE international standard on architecture, IEEE 1471-2000. More recently, Avolution itself has been proud to have contributed to the most popular industry standard on architecture, the evolving TOGAF standard."

In addition to TOGAF 8, ABACUS also supports a plethora of other frameworks and notations including; Zachman, DoDAF/MoDAF, FEAF and Capgemini IAF to name a few. And most importantly, ABACUS' true ontological approach means that meta-models are very easily modified or created. All through simple 'right-clicks' in the standard GUI in a matter of minutes.

For further details please contact Avolution Sales on sales@avolution.com.au.