ABACUS is PeaF certified

March 03, 2009

Avolution, the market leader in metrics-based analysis of architectures and Pragmatic EA the developer of PeaF, today announced that Avolution's ABACUS enterprise modelling solution is the first tool to be certified to support the Pragmatic Enterprise Architecture Framework (PeaF) Version 1.1.

The library can be downloaded for free from the Avolution Community.

Through its PeaF certification, Avolution can provide organisations with the flexibility to use this pragmatic framework with the ABACUS modelling solution for their enterprise architecture practice. Avolution will support the framework in its training and professional services.

"Avolution continues to support a wide range of industry standards on architecture, and is proud to be the first tool certified to support the emerging PeaF standard. This is another example of how seriously the market is taking PeaF," said Dr Tim O'Neill, founder of Avolution. "The flexibility of the ABACUS software allows us to accommodate new frameworks very quickly. In the case of PeaF, it took under a day to create the ABACUS library, and we anticipate it will be a valuable addition for our users."

Kevin Lee Smith, founder of Pragmatic EA said: "We are delighted that Avolution has been able to attain PeaF Certified Tool Vendor Status. The fundamental structure of ABACUS is testament to Avolution’s understanding and commitment to Enterprise Architecture. We were also very impressed by the unique metrics and trade-off based analytics. ABACUS is not just a tool to store information, ABACUS is a comprehensive EA decision analysis and support platform that is also charting new territory with advanced 3D visualisations."

For further details please contact Avolution on sales@avolution.eu or Pragmatic EA on Info@PragmaticEA.com.




About Avolution 
Avolution provides the ABACUS® solution which is unique to the enterprise modelling space in that it can create multiple solution alternatives (architectures) and then run various simulations (Discrete Event, Monte Carlo etc) against each alternative for metrics such as Performance, Cost and Availability. In so doing it can recommend the optimal path for investment, with predictive and quantitative certainty. More information is available at www.avolution.eu

  • Build any number of solution alternatives and views, all according to a completely flexible meta-model, importing from MS Visio, MS Excel and many other formats.
  • Analyse your architecture(s) for metrics such as; Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), Performance, Availability, Agility and many more.
  • View the architecture(s) and the results of any evaluation using advanced techniques such as; 3D, heat maps, timelines, capability spaces and trade-off diagrams.

About Pragmatic EA 
Pragmatic EA launched the Pragmatic EA Framework (PeaF) in November 2008 after many years of development. From a sea of EA noise and hype, PeaF “Cuts EA to the Bone” and provides a quick start toolkit necessary to begin and sustain an Enterprise Architecture initiative.

Pragmatic EA are committed to providing a no-nonsense EA framework which benefits organisations and government bodies on a global scale. For more information, visit www.pragmaticea.com.