Avolution and Logica announce partnership

November 16, 2009

Mr. Georges Abou Harb, Logica's IT Strategy and Service Oriented Architecture Practice Leader, said: "Logica selected ABACUS due to its flexible modelling approach and its ability to improve the quality of IT decision making by calculating and reporting detailed analytics."

"Strategic change in business needs to be supported by agile IT solutions. With ABACUS, Logica can enhance its Enterprise Architecture and Service Oriented Architecture practices by providing a rigorous enterprise modelling approach to ensure the best solutions for our customers."

Dr Tim O’Neill, Founder and Principal of Avolution said: "Logica are experts at using Enterprise Architecture as a planning discipline and Service Oriented Architecture as a way to become more agile, whilst maintaining control."

"ABACUS provides Logica with a superior ability to analyse metrics such as the availability of critical business processes and portfolio total cost of ownership. It provides an environment in which many different types of business can be captured, visualised, designed and analysed."

"We are delighted to sign Logica as a professional services partner for our ABACUS product suite. This agreement is key to Avolution’s worldwide partnership strategy."

ABACUS supports over 30 frameworks, notations and techniques and can model, predict and control the properties of enterprises and systems.

For further details on ABACUS please contact Avolution on sales@avolution.eu or Logica on sales@logica.com.