Customize Your Enterprise Architecture Repository


Configure and adjust: metamodel, terminology, icons and more

Does your organization have it’s own unique structure? ABACUS provides architects with the freedom to customize the repository, frameworks, metamodels and icons they use day-to-day. Adjust these as your business evolves.

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Customize Your Metamodel, Data Structure & Terminology

In ABACUS, metamodels, notations, types, attributes, titles and other terminology can easily be customized so they represent your business accurately.

  • Customize your data fields and data structure, business terminology and language, permissions and workflows, in-house
  • Add your company logo, customize landing pages and dashboards
  • Select a framework, or combine frameworks in-house using simple “drag-and-drop” commands
  • Adjust your repository or restructure and update data in-flight as your business evolves

This powerful feature — widely recognized as key to both ease of use and future-proofing of enterprise architecture strategies — is enabled by ABACUS’ graph database.

TOGAF and ABACUS Metamodel
ArchiMate Modeling Tool

Select EA Frameworks, Notations and Industry Standards

  • Adapt a framework from the 100+ available as standard with ABACUS including TOGAF, ArchiMate, BPMN, PESTLE, Zachman etc.
  • Use standards and libraries including NIST, SABSA, AWS, Azure, Balanced Scorecard, PESTLE etc.
  • In ABACUS, metamodels, frameworks, notations, types, attributes, departments, titles and other other naming conventions and structures can easily be tailored so they represent your business accurately, and are familiar to your users
  • Leverage multiple frameworks, selecting the best features of each, using “drag-and-drop” commands
  • We also provide the Avolution metamodel which is assembled from leading EA frameworks including, TOGAFArchiMate, APQC and BPMN

Customize Diagrams & Icons

Select from a range of architecture icons and symbols

AWS cloud architecture diagram enterprise architecture

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ABACUS is available on-premise, in the cloud or as a hybrid deployment. 

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Download ABACUS Algorithm Whitepaper

How To Build an Enterprise Architecture Repository (Whitepaper)

Integrating and connecting data effectively sets the architecture team up for success. Benefits include:

– Collaborate as a team, providing a trusted set of data that is easy to use and maintain
– Save hours of manual searching across multiple platforms
– Move quickly to analyze new business opportunities: a well-built repository can increase agility

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