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Easily manage modeling and data across teams, departments and time-zones. A shared repository, diagrams and roadmaps, accessible to the wider enterprise.


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Enterprise Architecture Collaboration

Quickly updated catalogs, lists and diagrams. 

  • Manage registers of assets, applications, technology, processes, people, resources etc., in-browser.
  • Multiple users can co-author catalogs with changes visible in real-time
  • Users can view and update browser-based lists, diagrams and dashboards
  • Administrators can control rights to access or edit diagrams and data
  • Use machine learning to predict missing or incomplete content
  • Ideal for collaboration amongst global, distributed teams and remote working
Collaborate on ABACUS Dashboard
Enterprise Modeling in ABACUS

Collaborate on Diagrams & Data

Streamline Your Design Process with Collaborative Enterprise Architecture Diagramming

  • Connect your Visio, UML BPMN and AWS diagrams and Excel data so it stays linked
  • Build and edit process diagrams, cloud architecture diagrams, information architectures, network architectures etc
  • Model business capabilities and value streams
  • Embed diagrams and dashboards in browser tabs of workplace social software for easy access
  • Create diagrams automatically from structured data
  • Present in dashboards or export to image formats for reporting

Quick Impact & Dependency Analysis

Zero in on subsets of operating processes, capabilities and applications with visual filtering

  • Filter according to properties such as cost and risk. Gain an instant view of second order effects across all views and diagrams
  • Highlight high-risk applications and then check in on key business process and business capability diagrams to understand dependencies
  • Filter according to processes which are being redesigned, or applications which are located in a particular country 
  • Send URLs to these filtered dashboards to start a conversation with a colleague
Enterprise Architecture Visualization Analysis
Enhance Digital Business Collaboration and digital portfolio management by Sharing filtered Enterprise Architecture dashboard in MS Teams

Digital Business Collaboration

Start conversations easily within a click or a link

  • Collaborate with colleagues by initiating a conversation directly from a dashboard.
  • Use messaging or email to open a conversation with an application manager, process owner or other stakeholder.

Permissions for Enterprise Architecture Collaboration

Work efficiently without compromising sensitive data.

  • Set permissions to govern access, editing and approval of architecture content
  • Fine-tune access for teams and roles: grant Create-Read-Update-Delete (CRUD) permissions for properties, components, connections, catalogs, and architectures
  • Administrators can access a clear overview of permissions, with audit trails to ensure accountability
  • Manage permission updates efficiently, saving valuable time

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