Service Management

As organizations evolve to become critically reliant on IT, having an effective means to model, measure, and manage their IT becomes critical. Any downtime or failure in the IT can immediately halt key services that the organization provides. The discipline of IT Service Management (ITSM) has arisen to address precisely these issues.

ABACUS enables ITSM IT Service Management

ABACUS is an advanced and highly flexible modeling tool that allows the organization to model their IT, and the services they provide, in order to better understand and manage them. That is, ABACUS is a tool ideally positioned to support any ITSM activities.

There are two levels on which you might want to use a tool in conjunction with ITSM. The first is to model the compliance of your business, in terms of adhering to an ITSM approach. The second is to use a tool to actually support the many and various processes and activities that an ITSM approach would dictate that you adopt. ABACUS is uniquely placed to be able to support activities at both of these levels - via its flexible approach to supporting different frameworks and different “styles” of models.