Enterprise Porfolio Management

Enterprise Portfolio Management (EPM) is one of the essential building blocks of governance, through which the costs, alignment and life cycles of an organization’s business and IT assets can be managed and future investments planned. Effectively bridging Enterprise Architecture with IT Service Management, EPM provides input into business strategy development, and a perspective of the current values of all business and IT assets.

Enterprise Portfolio Management displayed in ABACUS

Through its powerful capabilities as a structural modeling tool, ABACUS provides a ready-to-go solution for EPM practitioners to measure, value, and prioritise investments across all classes of business and IT assets. With its completely flexible XML-based repository in which any type of entity can be modeled explicitly, ABACUS offers EPM practitioners options for portfolio management that significantly exceed those possible through use of spreadsheets and Visio diagrams alone.

The inter-connection of every component into a rich, structural model or enterprise graph – based on a completely configurable meta-model built from one or more than 100 standard industry frameworks and notations available in ABACUS – ensures that catalogues and diagrams are true representations of the central repository of data in ABACUS, rather than being just lists and pictures.