Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence provides historical and current views of business operations, enabling predictive views of future performance through analysis of data. The underlying flexibility of ABACUS’ structural model, from which views can be configured applicable to any combination of selected criteria, allows business critical information to be surfaced for instant communication to key decision-makers and stakeholders.

historical and current business intelligence views in ABACUS

ABACUS supports the definition of stakeholder dashboards which can be freely composed from the underlying views (e.g. diagrams, charts, etc). Dashboards can be associated with user groups and presented as the default desktop immediately upon authenticated login allowing the stakeholder's interests and concerns to be specifically targeted. Standard dashboards exist to support Executives, Strategy Management, Financial Management, Program/Project Management (PPM), Procurement, HR, Security Managers, Quality Assurance (QA), Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) and IT Service Mgt (ITSM).

Furthermore, a multitude of metrics can be uniquely calculated with ABACUS using pioneering (and patent-pending) simulations for KPIs from the Financial (e.g. Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), ROI, NPV) to the Technical (e.g. Resource Utilization, Response Times, Availabilities, Complexity, Re-Use) to the Environmental (e.g. Carbon Footprint, Resource Re-use, Sustainability, Heat & Power Consumption) using equational, structural, discrete-event and Monte-Carlo techniques.

ABACUS models can be published to secure HTML websites and freely exchanged with other BI and advanced reporting platforms such as Crystal Reports, SAP BI and MS Office including MS Access.