Use algorithms in ABACUS to predict the outcomes of strategies and actions. Rationalize and re-engineer processes, technologies and systems. ABACUS Simulator provides a range of powerful analytics which allow architects and executives to undertake what-if, scenario and trade-off analysis on multiple business models simultaneously.

ABACUS Simulator showing analysis capabilities

simulator.pngThe algorithms available in ABACUS Simulator have been designed to supply commercially rigorous analysis to teams who rely on data science to drive competitive advantage.

ABACUS simulations can be used to understand and communicate your recommendations for transforming complex systems involving Processes, People and Technology. Leverage equational, structural, discrete-event and Monte-Carlo techniques to undertake portfolio and lifecycle management of architectures using asset timelines, lifecycles and roadmaps.

Simulations available out-of-the-box in ABACUS include:

   Financial (Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), ROI, NPV etc.)
Technical (Resource Utilization, Response Times, Availabilities etc.)
Environmental (Carbon Footprint, Resource Re-use, Sustainability, Power Consumption etc.)

For experts who require the ability to customize algorithms, ABACUS Simulator includes an in-built scripting engine. ABACUS Simulator can be deployed as an add-on to ABACUS Architect, or as a server-side utility.



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