Enterprise Server

The ABACUS® Enterprise Server provides the ability for any number of users to concurrently collaborate on any number of shared repositories or 'enterprise graphs'. Built on top of a modern and freely available Concurrent Versioning System (CVS) approach (i.e. Subversion), ABACUS® Enterprise Server allows for truly distributed collaboration and avoids the 'lock-and-block' and 'live-connect' issues typical of other RDBMS solutions.

Collaborate freely with ABACUS enterprise server

ABACUS' collaborative solution has been demonstrated through thousands of deployments to scale to thousands of clients sharing a geographically distributed repository. Furthermore, because Enterprise Server works in a truly collaborative mode whereby users only need to connect to the enterprise server to synchronize their local copy with the server repository (resolving any conflicts as they occur), users don't need to be always connected to the server, i.e. working 'offline' for the majority of the time. Not only does this encourage flexible working and minimize network traffic, there are no physical or performance limitations on the number of user clients that can work collaboratively with ABACUS.

ABACUS Enterprise Server is a revolutionary approach to collaboration and unlike anything that has ever been implemented in this space before. It is true collaboration, not 'lock-and-block' and 'live connect' like all the other tools. It is the future.

ABACUS Enterprise Server is available either on-premise or as a hosted service in the cloud.