ABACUS® Designer provides the end-user with the ability through simple 'right-clicks' and 'drag-and-drops' in the standard User Interface (UI) to design new, or modify existing (i.e. TOGAF, Zachman, DODAF etc) ABACUS libraries to tailor a unique and re-usable framework for all users.

Modifying Zachman UML TOGAF and BPMN libraries with ABACUS Designer

Unlike other modeling tools that have an archaic Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) back-end which results in an extremely "rigid" meta-model with an inherent inability to add new meta-model types, ABACUS is built on top of a completely open and flexible XML-based hierarchical repository or enterprise graph. This means, quite simply, that no other tool in the market comes close to the end-user configurability offered by ABACUS® Designer, in which new libraries, frameworks, ontologies and meta-models can be created literally in minutes in the ABACUS® Architect UI, without the need for expensive vendor intervention.

This flexibility in ABACUS also enables hybrid meta-models to be created easily: for example, these could include frameworks such as the OMG’s BMM at the 'top'; the OMGs BPMN in the 'middle'; the Open Group’s TOGAF at the 'bottom'; and the OGC’s P3O on the 'side'.