Bundled with ABACUS® Enterprise Server is the ABACUS® Administrator Add-on that provides the ability to set fine-grained, role-based Create-Read-Update-Delete (CRUD) permissions at the object, view, attribute and architecture level including role generation, authorization, and user provisioning.

Define Enterprise Architecture permissions with ABACUS Administrator

ABACUS projects can have role-based permissions set for every element within the repository. Specifically, Create-Read-Update-Delete (CRUD) permissions can be set at the 'object' (i.e. component or connection), view, and attribute (i.e. property) levels.  Permissions are defined at the role or group level, as opposed to the individual user level, so that while membership of the groups may change, the permissions can remain fixed. 

Furthermore, ABACUS provides various products (Architect, Designer, Simulator etc) to restrict the operations that various users can perform on repositories and on the server side roles, groups etc with CRUD permissions can be established to restrict access to/update of repositories.

All of the abovementioned features are presented entirely through the standard ABACUS UI. There is no need for the user to enter any complex administrative back-end environments with administration conducted by simple right-clicks and drag-drop operations with minimal training.