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Expert Enterprise Modeling in Minutes

ABACUS is designed to provide the quickest time-to-value of any enterprise architecture tool. Build and maintain rich visual models from existing company data. ABACUS comes with standard industry frameworks as well as advanced analytic tools and best-in-class roadmapping and reporting functionality.

The only enterprise architecture tool certified to provide 100% out-of-the-box support for TOGAF. ABACUS also supports over 100 further frameworks and notations.
Easily upload your existing data from SharePoint, Excel, Visio, CRMs, CMDBs or other sources.
Build models quickly using our “drag and drop” interface and repository search feature. Model business, application, data, and technology layers quickly utilizing graph database technology.
Choose from over 100 frameworks and notations, including TOGAF, ArchiMate, PEAF, FEAF, BPMN, DoDAF etc. Or use ABACUS Designer to quickly configure metamodels and frameworks from existing libraries or from scratch.
Tailor custom scripts, reports or queries - ABACUS offers an open API allowing custom queries, scripts and reports.
Analytics in ABACUS allow you to assess your models for metrics such as ROI, Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), Performance, Availability, Agility and many more.
Roadmap and test future IT and business strategies. Assess these using sophisticated trade-off analysis (Discrete Event, Monte Carlo etc) and multiple architecture analysis.
Report with rich visuals including heat maps, treemaps, diagrams, charts and dashboards.
Publish to HTML5 dashboards. Then walk-thru and analyze models via a tablet, smartphone or desktop.






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ABACUS Products

The ABACUS suite includes nine (9) products, shown below. The Portfolio Manager and Architect modules are designed to enable business and IT users to populate information into the Enterprise Server. Simulator, Administrator and Designer modules allow users to configure and analyze their data. With Publisher, Intelligence and Report Builder you can design engaging documentation to present your results. For an overview, please see our Features Comparison table.

Portfolio Manager

Manage inventories/metadata through tables/lists and forms using either a simple Microsoft .Net application or a pre-configured Microsoft SharePoint site.


Entry level solution providing market-leading flexibility, diagramming, documentation and analysis for individual users and departments.


Enables the end-user through simple 'right-clicks' and 'drag-and-drops' in the standard User Interface to design new, or modify existing ABACUS libraries.


Provides a host of in-built evaluators (not just Performance) to provide a revolutionary whole of business (e.g. Process, People and Technology) metrics-based change management solution.

Enterprise Server

Facilitates any number of users to concurrently collaborate on any number of shared repositories.


Allows fine-grained, role-based Create-Read-Update-Delete (CRUD) permissions to be set including role generation, authorization, and user provisioning.


Provides a way to publish entire models to a secure website.


Provides up-to-date information via an optimized for mobile devices, hosted, web-based service.

Report Builder

Builds upon the freely available Microsoft Report Builder product and provides the end-user with the ability to design new, or modify existing reports.