Professional Services Partners & Resellers

This program is for Systems Integrators (SIs) and specialised consultancies that use Avolution's solutions in their client projects. Requirements: Minimum number of ABACUS trained and certified consultants, minimum number of FTE dedicated to sales, marketing and support, delivery of new customers, co-development of roadmaps and marketing plans, monthly progress meeting.

Archangel IT -

BT -

BGV IT Services -

Capita -

Conexiam -

Cornerstone -

Edarat Group -

Enterprise Architects -

Epscilon - 

Eurosis Consulting

Fore Logix -

Imbility -

Ingenia -

Interway -

Logica -

OGB International -

Konsilo Consultoria e Treinamento

Real IRM -

Resultex -

River 2e -


WSTI Servicios Informaticos -